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Get A Bird’s Eye View With 1000 Island Helicopter Tours

1000 Island Helicopter Tours

For the ultimate view of the 1000 Islands, there is no better way than 1000 Island Helicopter Tours. Unlike hiking or boating, you’ll get an even more spectacular view of bright blue water between Canada and the USA. 

From Ottawa, it is only 1 hour and 45 minutes by car, and worth every second. Currently, the company offers five different tours and three packages.

The most affordable option is the “1000 Islands Tour”. It is $99 a person and requires 2-3 people. Over the 10 minute flight, you’ll soar over countless islands where you’ll be able to see gigantic mansions, turquoise water, and even briefly enter the USA (although no passport is required).

Another top pick is the “Boldt Castle Tour” this one is $159 a person (again 2-3 people are required). It is double the length at 20 minutes long and will take you to the Boldt Castle. 

The experience is straight out of the Bachelor or a Hallmark movie. It is pretty hard to beat a private romantic flight to a castle and heart-shaped island.

1000 Island Helicopter Tours

What To Expect On 1000 Island Helicopter Tours

If you’ve never flown in a helicopter before, take-off and landing are much smoother. Honestly, you won’t even feel that you are off the ground as smoothly goes straight up.

Another difference is there are significantly larger windows allowing you to get fantastic photos.

Before you take off, you’ll also need to put on a headset and use the built-in mic to talk to other passengers.

Once in the air, the expert pilot will explain all the sights out the window to ensure you don’t miss a thing. 

I was highly impressed with the quality of service offered by 1000 Island Helicopter Tours, and in particular the skills of our pilot who made the journey so extrodinary.

Final Thoughts

Flying in a helicopter is one of my absolute favourite things in the world. Without question, this experience was unforgettable, and one of my top moments of the year. 

In the future, I’d love to try the castle tour, as it would be a fantastic way to see the sights without the crowds. I’d also really love to try their wine package that takes you to three local wineries.

I can’t recommend this experience enough and think it would be fantastic for a birthday, epic date, or anniversary gift. Or if you are anything like me, don’t wait and just treat yourself to a day you won’t forget.

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