You Need To See 1887 Ice Show On Royal Caribbean

Aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise, there are tons of fantastic shows to pick from that you can easily plan to see a different show each night. One show that you won’t want to miss is the 1887 Ice Show.

The story takes place in Paris on February 14 on the frozen River Seine, and throughout the show, Juliet and Tempus travel through time.1887 Ice Show beautifully combines digital projections to create innovate backdrops on the ice, that help to enhance the story told by the skilled figure skaters.

Image courtesy of Royal Caribbean
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Even if figure skating usually isn’t something you usually would watch, the dazzling digital projections, beautiful costumes, and breathtaking stunts will entertain all. With the help of digital projections, the ice transforms into lava, fields of grass and so many other stunning backdrops.

In addition to the set constantly changing each time the characters change their location in time, as do their costumes. Not only are all the sets and costumes beautiful, but the constant changing setting helps to keep the show exciting, as you are always on the edge of your seat from the next big trick or wondering what the setting will look like next.

As the show takes place in the rink I would suggest dressing accordingly, as you might find it a bit cold after relaxing outside in the tropical heat. I brought a small blanket in my purse for the show, and I was perfectly cozy.

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1887 Ice Show is one of timeless beauty and one that will capture your heart. It is a show I could easily rewatch and would find just a much joy watching it again as everything about it was so beautiful.

Harmony Of The Seas Entertainment Guide
Image courtesy of Royal Caribbean

To ensure you don’t miss out on this outstanding show that was a highlight of my last Royal Caribbean cruise make sure you make reservations for the show. This can quickly be done before the cruise departs using the cruise planner.