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A Night At The Hotel Schani Wien In Vienna

If you are looking for a modern and affordable hotel in Vienna, The Hotel Schani Wien is a fantastic choice. Conveniently located next to the train station and tram you can easily get around the city. The main feature of The Hotel Schani Wien is the SMART technologies it uses. If you download the Schani app on your phone, you can check-in and out of your room directly from your phone. Likewise, within the app, you’ll be able to select the exact room you want to stay in and use your phone as your key to your room.

Check-In & Out

Hotel Schani Wien In Vienna Austria
Hotel Schani Wien In Vienna Austria

The mobile check-in can be super convenient as it means you can check-in faster, and skip waiting in line at the lobby. It is worth noting that to use the app, you need to have your phone set to roaming, as the hotel will set a text message to your phone to confirm your phone number. For some reason, my Canadian phone couldn’t get the text message, so I wasn’t able to use the app.

Hotel Schani Wien In Vienna Austria

Thankfully Hotel Schani Wien has a backup option, for business travellers like myself who finds their phone not working (or travellers worried their phone battery might die before they can use their phone to open their hotel door at the end of the night). The other option is super easy too, you walk to the check-in tablet screen and enter your last name, and the key to your room will be dispensed. Simple eh?

If you need to store your luggage before or after your stay, there are large lockers in the basement available free of charge. To use the lockers, you will set your combination number, and lock the door closed until you are ready to retrieve your items. I loved this option, as it is ensured your bags are safely stored.

The Room

For my room, I opted for the Smart Garden room which has a view over the interior courtyard. It had a double bed, that is larger than your standard double (nearly queen sized). The room was bright and airy, with a comfortable bed, and modern design.

Hotel Schani Wien In Vienna Austria

I loved how there were USB outlets next to the bed, which was super handy for charging your phone.

Hotel Schani Wien In Vienna Austria

The bathroom is nice with plenty of light which is excellent when you are getting ready in the morning. The toilet is in a small room off to the side, while the rest of the bathroom (the sink and shower) is open to the bedroom, and can be divided using a long thick curtain which will give you full privacy.

Hotel Schani Wien In Vienna Austria

My favourite feature of the room would have to be the free phone you are provided to use for your stay. It allows you to bring the phone with you so that you can easily make phone calls throughout your stay for free, use wifi, or us Google Maps to navigate the city with ease. Also on the app, there were recommendations on where to eat or shop, or what to do nearby. The free phone is a fantastic feature and one I wish more hotels had. I can’t praise the free phone enough.


Hotel Schani Wien In Vienna Austria

You can enjoy breakfast at the Hotel Schani Wien for 13 euros per person, per night. Hotel Schani Wien’s breakfast buffet is a lovely spread offering tons of healthy choices, breakfast classics and fantastic Nespresso coffee. The meal comes with freshly squeezed fruit juice, yogurt, fresh pieces of bread and pastries, eggs, meats, cheese and fresh fruit.

There are two large Nespresso Machines with a variety of coffee types to pick from to compliment your breakfast, or if you want you can also order some Viennese Roast coffee from the bar too. For the price, it is a good deal, as the cost of full breakfast plus fresh juice and coffee will easily cost you the more around town, plus you can get your morning coffee right when you enter the main floor!

The Hotel

The hotel’s lobby has a unique design with a funky themed lobby. Overhead the front desk that also acts like the cafe and bar there are wooden shipping boxes overhead. The lobby has a mix of small tables for dining and working, sofas, and lounge chairs, allowing you a variety of spaces to eat, work and relax.

The room has large windows where you can enjoy the view of the plant-filled courtyard outside, and if the weather is nice, you can sit outside too. The lobby has plenty of plants throughout the space, giving it a cozy setting that is very inviting. Off to the side, there is also a wall of skateboards and scooters, which you are free to borrow throughout your stay.

Wifi is free for all guests in the hotel, and there is plenty of power outlets everywhere making it perfect for business travellers wishing to get some work done, or travellers who want to catch up on social media before they explore the city.

Final Thoughts

Hotel Schani has two hotels in Vienna, and The Hotel Schani Wien is a wonderful option if you are looking for an affordable hotel that still has plenty of style and personality. The hotel is conveniently located a short walk from the Belvedere 21 art gallery and Belvedere Palace, and you can easily take the tram directly in front of the hotel.  Via tram, you can get to the old historic district in only 16 minutes.

For the price, and convenient features like the free phone to use during your stay, and digital check-in, this hotel is a wonderful option for your stay in Vienna. After such a positive experience at The Hotel Schani Wien, I’d certainly be curious to try their other location The Hotel Schani Salon too which near the farmer’s market Naschmarkt and the Museumsquartier where you can find tons of museums right next to each other.

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