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Parisian Macarons At Petits Macarons

Based in Ottawa, Petits Macarons is a small family business that offers suburb macarons. Macarons, not to be confused with the coconut dessert macaroons are an almond and meringue-based cookie sandwich filled with buttercream or ganache.

Opening in 2011, Petits Macarons has expanded to offer its wide range of macaron flavors at Farm Boys across Ottawa. You can also place orders online and have them delivered or pick them up at Petits Macarons kitchen in Ottawa. A map of where you find Petits Macarons can be found here.

Signature Flavors

Petits Macarons | Macaron in Ottawa Canada

Chocolate Caramel – caramel-hued macaron filled made with Valrhona milk chocolate caramel ganache and a hint of fleur de sel

Strawberry Rhubarb – pale pink macaron featuring strawberry rhubarb jam and vanilla buttercream

Dark Chocolate – dark chocolate macaron filled with a Valrhona 66% chocolate ganache and a hint of espresso

Almond – almond macaron with an almond filling and topped with roasted almonds

Raspberry – rose-colored macaron filled with raspberry jam and raspberry buttercream

Petits Macarons | Macaron in Ottawa Canada

Lemon – tangy lemon macaron filled with lemon curd

Vanilla – Madagascar Bourbon vanilla macaron filled with a buttercream filling

White Chocolate – blue white chocolate macaron with a buttercream filling

Tiramisu – filled with mascarpone cheese and flavored with rich espresso and cocoa

Pistachio – pale green macaron filled with a nutty pistachio buttercream

Holiday Flavors

Petits Macarons | Macaron in Ottawa Canada

Frost Chocolate Mint – green mint macaron with chocolate ganache filling

Gingerbread – gingerbread spice macaron

Nanaimo Bar– a tan macaron filled with a Nanaimo bar filling

White Chocolate Cranberry – red macaron filled with cranberry jam filling

Petits Macarons regularly creates new seasonal flavors, including gingerbread, coconut marshmallow, pumpkin pie, Canadian Maple and bacon, cherry and chocolate and peach.

Petits Macarons | Macaron in Ottawa Canada

The easiest way to get your hands on Petits Macarons would be to order online, a tray of 12 macarons costs $24.00, the 18 macaron gift box is $35.00 and the larger 35 macaron gift box is $65.00. When ordering online you can either pick up your order at their kitchen (2596 Edinburgh Pl #2) or have your order shipped to your home (or to someone else’s home if you are sending the macarons as a gift).

Petits Macarons | Macaron in Ottawa Canada

Macarons are easily one of my favorite desserts, as they are light and airy without being overly too sweet. I’ve eaten more macarons in Paris than I care to admit, but the macarons from Petits Macarons easily match the quality I would expect from Laurdee or Pierre Herme in Paris. While vanilla is normally my go-to favorite, I was surprised by the bold flavors found in some of Petits Macarons flavors, in particular, the Gingerbread, or some of the macarons with jam filling. Every flavor I tried was delicious, and I certainly will be ordering more of Petits Macarons in the future. I loved them!