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Can You Solve Alone Together: 2 Together Apart Escape Room

Finding something to do doesn’t need to be expensive. Online escape rooms are a fantastic way to stay connected with your friends. After having so much fun with my first Enchambered game, I decided to try Alone Together 2 Together Apart.

How To Play Alone Together 2 Together Apart

It isn’t necessary to do part 2 before part 1, but I’d recommend you do so. The first game is not only much easier but free. 

If you enjoy the free one, you’ll want to pay for the second game, which only gets better.

To play, one person will need to make a minimum payment of $5 USD (approximately $6.78 CAD), to get a serial key for the team. This key will need to be shared with the second player.

Once you enter the serial key in the website link provided, you’ll reach a website with two options: the clockmaker or the fortune teller. 

To play, you’ll need to be in the same room or have a voice chat program like Discord, Whatsapp or Zoom.

Alone Together 2 (Spoiler Free)

Unlike other online escape rooms, in Alone Together, players one and two see entirely different things on their screens. As such, it is necessary to be as descriptive as possible as the information on your monitor will be essential to solving the puzzles the other person sees.

Much like the first escape room, at first, you’ll want both people to describe everything they can see. Quickly you might notice how certain elements fit together. 

For my playthrough, I picked the “fortune teller,” which was a visual delight. They exceeded my expectations by not only a crystal ball, tarot cards, but the ability to mix a magic spell.

Compared to the first game, this one took nearly double the amount of time as there is so much more to do. My team completed it in 50 minutes.

The method to solve all the puzzles is brand new from the last game, and some are much more difficult. I would say the experience is medium difficulty. The bigger obstacle in this game is seeing half the information, and not having anyone else who can help you as you are the only person who can see what is on your monitor.

There was never a moment I didn’t know how to solve something. But there was one challenge that took me a few minutes to align the symbols correctly.

The game kept me fully engaged right to the last moment, and I was extremely satisfied with the entertainment it provided.

There is no time limit on how long you play. But for an extra challenge, it is suggested you try to take under 1 hour.

Final Thoughts

The Alone Together series is a unique online escape room, and one of my absolute digital escape rooms. After having such an incredible experience with the free game, I had high hopes for the second part.

I’m delighted to say I love the second edition of the game even more than the first one. Everything I adored was improved upon, and it is worth the few bucks to play.

The game is roughly $3.50 CAD player, which is such a steal since in-person escape rooms often cost $25+.

Purchase Alone Together: 2 Together Apart now.