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Apprentice Falconer At Mont Tremblant

While exploring Mont Tremblant village you can head into the activity center where you can book a variety of other activities that are not included with the activity card. This is where you would want to go if you are interested in dune buggies, helicopter tours, paintball, zip line, the apprentice falconer class and much more.

Apprentice Falconer At Mont Tremblant

As someone who loves animals, I was eager to sign up for the apprentice falconer class where you get to work one on one with a Falconer to learn about raptors otherwise known as birds of prey.  Traditionally falcons were used on hunts, are were a status symbol for nobles in Europe and the Middle East, but today they are often used to scare away pigeons and other birds at airports.

While working in the forest next to the mountain streams, I got to spend 45 minutes practicing calling the falcon to me, which is truly a beautiful bird.

The falcon weighed only 1lb so it was easy to hold and would fly within the forest always nearby and impressively would always return to perch on my raised glove. This activity was one I’ll never forget as it was so much fun and so rare, as falconry classes aren’t something I’ve ever seen before, so  I was grateful to be given the chance to try. If you do visit Mont Tremblant in the summer you need to try this activity, I promise you will fall in love with working with birds of prey as much as I did.