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Surprise Them With Bash Blooms & Chocolates In Ottawa

Are you searching for the perfect gift to send to a loved one? Ottawa has a new business, Bash Blooms & Chocolates, that will send a beautiful gift box filled with colourful flowers and assorted chocolates.

As someone who loves getting flowers, I was thrilled to receive a gifted package from Bash Blooms & Chocolates.

The gift box was breathtaking and expertly packaged. On one side, there was an assortment of red roses, eucalyptus, mums, sea holly, carnations, and more.

The other half had a box of four types of chocolates to enjoy. There was caramel, milk, pistachio, and cappuccino flavoured chocolates.

Bash Blooms & Chocolates in Ottawa

What I appreciated was the attention to small details that truly made this gift box feel luxurious. For example, once you remove the chocolates, you aren’t left with half a flower arrangement. Instead, they placed a soft bed of green moss, so it still looks stunning.

I adore having the box on my desk because the sweet-smelling roses and fresh eucalyptus smell so relaxing. Every time I see the blooms they put a huge smile on my face, as they happen to have my two favourite colours – pink and red.

Bash Blooms & Chocolates in Ottawa

But what makes this company extraordinary are the prices. Every time I’ve sent flowers, I’ve always paid at least $80 with delivery. Yet this company is much more affordable.

Small – $25 – 150g of chocolate
Medium $35 – 250g of chocolate
Large – $45 – 350g of chocolate

All sizes come with seasonal flowers and include complimentary delivery in Ottawa too. So if you are searching for cheap gift idea for a friend that looks like it costs triple the price, you’ll want to order the $25 or $35 box. While the large would be ideal for surprising your partner on their birthday or anniversary.

Bash Blooms & Chocolates in Ottawa

I’d love to see this company offer just flower boxes, too, as the flower arrangement was stunning. As someone who studied flower arranging for years, it takes a lot to impress me. But the quality of the flowers and how they were arranged was expertly done.

If you’d like to support this Ottawa business, you can place your order by sending them a direct message on Instagram.

Contact Bash Blooms & Chocolates (@bash.blooms.and.chocolates) now.