Become A Lord Or Lady Of Dunans Castle

If you are looking for a unique gift for someone who loves Scotland or castles, look no further. I’ve always enjoyed visiting castles, and no matter where I am in the world I always try to schedule in a visit to at least one castle. Drawn by the grandeur and rich history of castles, I can’t help but feel I’ve entered a fairytale every time I visit one. Recently I got the most remarkable gift of the title Lady Stephanie White of Dunans Castle. The decorative titles are issued by the ScottishLaird Project and would be a wonderful idea for a birthday or wedding gift.

The purchase of a title goes toward helping to restore the 12th-century Dunans Castle which was destroyed by fire in 2001. With the aims of restoring the castle in Glendaruel, Scotland by 2020.

What you get
Your decorative title

A plot of land in Scottland

A free guided tour of the property (your partner can come free too)

Right to wear the Dunans Rising tartan

An information package about the castle

Become A Lord Or Lady Of Dunans Castle
Become A Lord Or Lady Of Dunans Castle

There currently are several different packages available, with the most basic package starting at £24+ and giving the title of lord/lady of Chaol Ghleann. To get the title lord or lady of Dunas Castle, you will need to purchase the slate or above package which starts at £39. All package include free worldwide shipping.

If you ever happen to be Glendaruel, Scotland it is even possible to book a romantic picnic on the grounds of the book a night at their Laird’s Retreat. I know for myself, I hope to visit once the castle is restored next year and do both.

Become A Lord Or Lady Of Dunans Castle
Become A Lord Or Lady Of Dunans Castle

Final thoughts: This is my second decorative title in Scotland and both are very similar. My first was from Highland titles and provides a few extra documents, like an ID card and a keychain in the kit, but only the title Lady of Glencoe unlike the certificate from ScottishLaird Project which gives the title Lady or Lord of Dunans Castle. Both decorative titles also go toward funding restoration. For Glencoe, it is of the surrounding forest which was cut down, while for Dunans Castle it goes towards restoring the castle. As both are so similar it just comes down to personal preference. Read my review of Highland Titles.

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