Become A Lord Or Lady With Highland Titles

If you are looking for a fun gift idea for someone Highland Titles offers the ability to allow someone to title themselves either the Lord or Lady of Glencoe. On their site, you can purchase a plot of land in Scotland from $65.00 including shopping which grants you the right to call yourself Lord or Lady of Glencoe.

The property is part of one of their two nature reserves, Glencoe Wood and Mountain View. Part of the funds from the purchase of the land go towards tree-planting projects in the two nature reserves.

The basic 1 square foot of land package includes

  1. A personalized certificate with your name as either Lord or Lady of An information booklet about the property
  2. A plot ID card
  3. A keychain
  4. A sticker saying either I’m a lord or lady
  5. Discounts at a variety of hotels and activities nearby
Become A Lord Or Lady With Highland Titles
Become A Lord Or Lady With Highland Titles

Traditionally Laird refers to an owner of a large estate in Scottland and can be interchangeable with Lord or Lady. According to Highland Titles, “in Scotland anyone can, subject to requirements of good faith, call themselves whatever they like, including Laird, Lord or Lady.” Currently, Lordship is linked with nobility, but Highland Titles states with the paperwork provided you should be able to change your name on most documents including bank accounts to Lady or Lord (you cannot change your name on your passport to include Lady or Lord). Your title can also be passed down to a child if you wish.

While you don’t actually become nobility with the purchase from Highland Titles, it is a unique is perfect for the hard to shop for person. I must admit as someone who loves castles and Scotland I was highly impressed with my Highland Titles kit when it came in the mail.

Become A Lord Or Lady With Highland Titles

Want to become a Lord or Lady? Order your Highland Titles package now.