Austria / Vienna

Exploring Belvedere Palace in Vienna

If you love visiting castles, you need to travel to Vienna, Austria! In the city, there are plenty of majestic castles to visit including, Schonbrunn Palace, The Hofburg and Belvedere Palace! All three castles are very easy to reach, using public transit or the hop-on-hop-off tour buses. Belvedere Palace, in fact, is two palaces next to each other and used to be the summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy.

Upper Belvedere

Upper Belvedere is where you will find art from the Middle Ages to the present. While here make sure to visit “The Kiss” by Klimt which is Austria’s most famous work of art. Within the museum, you can also see artwork from Renoir, Monet, and Van Gogh! If you are short on time, I would suggest visiting the garden and Upper Belvedere to see the famous painting by Klimt.

Lower Belvedere

The Lower Belvedere used to be the imperial residence, but today it houses temporary exhibitions. Here you can see the beautiful classic baroque architecture, including marble covered walls and stunning ceiling murals.


Baroque Garden

Between the Upper and Lower Belvedere is a stunning baroque garden. Intricate floral beds are making elaborate patterns, along with plenty of statues and fountains. It is a peaceful spot to enjoy the sunshine. Unlike the interior of Upper and Lower Belvedere visiting the garden is free!

Cost To Visit Belvedere

Visiting Upper and Lower Belvedere costs €22,00 per adult. If you have the Vienna Pass, you can visit for free!