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The Best Online Escape Games To Try In 2021

Stay together, even if you are apart from your friends. After testing out virtual escape rooms for the past months, I’ve gathered up the best online escape games to try with your friends.

There is something for everyone below, from beginner-friendly games, some perfect for small groups of two, to captivating puzzles and storytelling that beat many in-person escape rooms.

The BRUCE Project: Perfect For Beginners

Escaping The BRUCE Project Part 2 By Bewilder Box

The game is a crowd-pleaser with a pun-filled science theme that will keep everyone laughing. If you’ve never tried an online escape game, The BRUCE Project is perfect for beginners as it is easy to navigate. Unlike many other games of this type, there is no need to get confused switching between 10+ tabs in Chrome – everything occurs on one screen.

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Alone Together: Best For 2 People

Best Online Escape Games To Try In 2021

Alone Together is designed for two people, where each of you gets half of the information necessary to solve the puzzles. How it works is each player will have different information on your screen, and together you’ll be able to solve the challenges. For example, maybe one person sees a four-digit code, and the other person must enter it to open a lock.

Best of all, part one of the game is free, and there is only a small fee for the second game.

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Hunting A Killer: Will Give You Goosebumps

Best Online Escape Games To Try In 2021

I hate scary serial killer related moves or escape rooms. Despite this, I can’t rave enough about Hunting A Killer. It has top-notch puzzles and story-telling that makes it one of the best online escape games I’ve ever played.

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The Cyphstress: A Playful Story With Pirates & Beer

Best Online Escape Games To Try In 2021

Travel on a pirate ship to a secret island to uncover the legendary beer. This epic game will is split into two 90 minute chapters. The entire experience will keep you captivated with its mix of diverse puzzles, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

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