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Viennoiserie & Breads At Black Walnut Bakery

In the charming Cumberland Village, near the ferry, you can find Black Walnut Bakery. Located in an old house Black Walnut Bakery specializes in viennoiserie and hearth-breads which are available for sale from Wednesday to Sunday. If possible it is best to visit the bakery first thing in the morning, as by the time I tend to arrive in the mid-afternoon they only have a limited selection left as so many people rush to get the freshly-baked bread and pastries.

Black Walnut Bakery

One of my favourite things about this bakery would have to be that you can check their website, which lists the best time to arrive to get a certain type of loaf fresh out of the oven, for example for the sourdough white loaf pictured above you should arrive Tuesday to Sunday at 10:30 am.

While the bread is outstanding here, it is the pastries and viennoiserie that keep me coming back. From morning buns, mini quiche, fruit pies, and heavenly almond croissants from Black Walnut Baker it is a perfect spot to grab a cup of coffee and a pastry or a pie to bring home. If you do decide to eat at the bakery, there are several small tables inside, but if the weather is nice head outside to some of the chairs on the veranda outside for the perfect leisurely afternoon.

Whenever I go to Montebello or Parc Omega this is a must-stop for me as I pick up some pastries on the drive back home. Over the years I think I’ve tried everything on the menu with the scones and breads being my favourite. The prices are reasonable here too, especially for the quality. So make sure to swing by and let me know which item on the menu you enjoy the most.