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Black Walnut Bakery A Sweet Stop Near Ottawa

Want to get your hands on mouthwatering loaves of bread and pastries? You need to discover this hidden bakery in Ottawa that is an absolute gem. Black Walnut Bakery in Cumberland is just a short drive past Orleans and well worth it to satisfy your carb craving.

Right now, getting your hands on bread, flour or yeast is rather tricky. Weeks into social isolation because of COVID-19, stores can’t keep up with demands. Out of all three items on the lists, yeast is the trickest to get your hands on. I’ve been searching without any lucky; thankfully you don’t need any yeast to make sourdough.

Black Walnut Bakery

To help the community out, Black Walnut Bakery is giving out free sourdough starter Wednesday and Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. All you need to do is show up with a container, step back to give them 2 meters of space, and they will fill up your jar.

If you need flour, they have it too! So it really is a one-stop-shop for making sourdough bread.

Before you go, I suggest you make an online order for some loaves of bread, scones, pies or whatever else is currently in stock. Just be warned the items sell out quickly, so you’ll need to keep checking actively.

When I visited, I order tons wanting to support their business. I know how difficult it is right now for small businesses, and I highly recommend you order out once a week if you can afford it.

I got three types of pieces of bread, with the egg bread being my favourite of the options, although all were delicious. I also ordered blueberry, lemon and savoury cheese and bacon scones.

The lemon scone is easily the best scone I’ve had in the Ottawa area thus far; it was perfect. Not dry like I’m so used to having, and it had such a vibrant lemon flavour. It was excellent with a cup of coffee. Out of everything I’ve had at this bakery, it is my new must-order item.

Order your baked goods from Black Walnut Bakery now.