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Go Cider Tasting At Busl Cider A Hidden Gem In The 1000 Islands

busl cidery in 1000 islands

One classic fall activity is going apple picking. But for an adult twist, why not drive boozy apples instead? For a fun road trip, you need to check out BUSL Cider in Mallorytown, Ontario.

The hidden gem is just 1 hour and 15-minutes drive from Ottawa. But it would also be a great stop on a trip between Brockville and Gananoque.

I was intrigued to visit, as while I love going wine tasting, I know absolutely nothing about ciders. I’ve had a few in the past and always found the boozy beverage way too sweet.

Upon arriving, you can’t help but marvel at the gigantic 280-acre property. There are 10-acres of apple orchards, 2-acres of lavender fields, 2-acres of haskap and other plants used within the ciders.

The facility has a charming barn look, and it is here you can buy products to bring home. Or purchase a tasting so you can sample 4 of their products for $2.

They are always launching new seasonal flavours throughout the year, so there is always something new to try. When I went, I ordered a flight, which came with Aurum (apple), Cerasus (cherry), Haskap (a type of honeysuckle), and Pirum (pear).

Depending on what is available, you are free to select the four options that appeal most to you. For example, in the summer, they have slush options too.

Inside the main building, there is ample seating, but what you want to do is take your drinks to the patio. There you can enjoy the view of the apple orchard, and it is a truly breathtaking spot. Or you can head to the Muskoka Chairs just a few feet away for an even better place to relax in the sunshine.

When I visited in the fall, it was exceptionally breathtaking as you could see all the brilliant fall foliage in the background. The grounds had ample spots to explore, like the duck pond and the charming duck pond.

Everything I tried was delicious, but my two favourites were the haskap, which had a dark red fruit flavour like plum or pomegranate. I also really like Cerasus, which tastes like black cherry.

While I highly recommend you go in person, to enjoy the view (75 Quabbin Rd, Mallorytown, Ontario). If you can’t make it, BUSL Cider also offers online shipping.