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Buzzyn Rewards
If you are located in Ottawa or Montreal, you need to download Buzzyn Rewards. Buzzyn is a centralized rewards card app that also offers special offers to customers. So instead of having your wallet full of various reward cards you can download Buzzyn Rewards and collect and redeem rewards on the mobile app.

The app is straightforward to use and lists all the nearby restaurants where you can collect rewards. By partnering together with local restaurants and wholesalers (ie: Happy Goat Coffee Roaster), Buzzyn aims to help you shop and support local businesses. To collect rewards at any of the restaurants listed, you can click the scan button found on the “my rewards” tab, and a digital stamp will appear on your digital reward card for that restaurant.

Buzzyn Rewards
Buzzyn Rewards

In Ottawa, there are plenty of restaurants offering rewards through Buzzyn Rewards such as LUNCH on Sparks Street will give you a free coffee for your first visit. Other similar rewards for new customers using Buzzyn include two free falafels at Chickpeas upon your first visit, one free order of fries at Upper Deck Diner.

Buzzyn Rewards

Here are my personal favorite restaurants on Buzzyn Rewards:

Happy Goat Coffee Company – buy 9 drip coffees, get 1 free
La Catrina – free coffee with dessert purchase
Golden Bubbles – buy 9 waffles, get 1 free
Fiazza Fresh Fired – buy 10 pizzas get 1 free
The Cupcake Lounge – buy 9 coffees get 1 free
Raw Pulp and Grind – buy 10 smoothies + juices get 1 free
Holland’s Cake and Shake – buy 10 sandwiches, get 1 free
Le Moulin De Provence – buy 9 coffees, get 1 free
Anabia Cupcakery Cafe – buy 9 hot beverages, get 1 free
The Merry Dairy – buy 8 frozen treats, get 1 free

Download Buzzyn Rewards on iTunes or Google Play