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Discover Trinbago & Tobago Cuisine With Callaloo Box

Callaloo Trinbago & Tobago Box

Try Trinidad & Tobago cuisine at home with the Callaloo Box which delivers sauces, condiments, snacks, and seasonings each month.  Each box has a different theme and contains 4 to 6 items and costs $39.99.

My Callaloo Trinbago Creole Box included:

  • Browning Sauce – used for meats, soup, stews and cakes
  • Pimento Sauce – condiment
  • Creole Seasoning – meat or seafood marinade
  • Hot Pepper Sauce – condiment
  • Cook Up Seasoning – meat or seafood marinade
  • Coconut Milk Power – enhance the taste of soup, cakes or cocktails
  • Jub Jub Candies

Callaloo Trinbago & Tobago Box



Cook Up seasoning and coconut milk powder

Callaloo Trinbago & Tobago Box

Browning, hot pepper, Creole, and pimento sauce

Callaloo Trinbago & Tobago Box

Jub Jub candies

Overall I was highly impressed with the box, Malika and Jamila the co-founders of Callaloo Box designed. I loved how there was full sized bottles of the sauces, a detailed item listed with suggested uses, a recipe for Trinidad chicken pelau (and a link to watch them cook the dish on Youtube so you can follow along). This was the first time I’ve received a cooking video to complement a food book and I wish more food boxes included this feature as I find it much easier to follow along cooking when I can see how it is done.

Youtube video – cooking in progress

Youtube video – Trinidad chicken pelau

The Callaloo Box would be perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the food from Trinidad & Tobago.

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