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Try Snacks From Trinidad and Tobago With Callaloo Snack Box

Callaloo Snack Box

Discover the food of  Trinidad and Tobago with the Callaloo Box. Currently, the Callaloo box offers two subscription boxes either the original box (which includes sauces, seasonings, and spices) or the Callaloo Snack Box. Within the snack box, you can find fruit preserves of mangos, plums or cherries and other popular snacks like sugar cakes, khurma, toolum, and chocolates.

Unlike the original box, the snack box is available as a one time purchase for $35.28, but the monthly snack subscription box is only $29.99 a month.

My Callaloo Snack Box contained

  • Tamarind candy
  • Salted split chickpeas
  • Jub jub candies
  • Mint hard candies
  • Ovaltine biscuits
  • Tiki chocolate bar
  • Chocokies
  • Preserved plums and mangos

Callaloo Snack Box Tamarind candy and salted split chickpeas

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Callaloo Snack Box Jub jub candies and mint hard candies

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Callaloo Snack Box Ovaltine biscuits, Tiki chocolate bar and Chocokies

Callaloo Snack BoxPreserved plums and mangos

The Callaloo snack box was filled with so many delicious snacks from Trinidad and Tobago. Aside from the mint and Ovaltine cookies, it was my first time trying all the other snacks included. My personal favorite had to be the toolum which was balls of molasses and coconut!

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