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Satisfy Your Cheese Craving With Cheese Traps Ottawa

It is hard to go with a slice of delicious cheese. No matter if you prefer a creamy wedge of brie or a decadent slice of cheesecake, Cheese Traps in Ottawa has you covered. They are a fantastic Ottawa-based small business that has drool-worthy sweet or savoury options.

Cheese Traps menu:
Charcuterie box $45 (for up to 4 people)
Cheesecake $25 (4 inches), $40 (6 inches) $50 (8 inches)
A box of two cheesecake hearts $35 (4 inches each)
Cheesecake cupcakes $25 (for half a dozen) $35 (a dozen)
Charcuterie and two 4-inch cheesecake package $75

I had the pleasure of trying both the charcuterie box and one of the 4-inch heart-shaped cheesecakes.

The contact-less delivery came precisely on time, and once it arrived, I was dazzled by the beautiful packaging. The small decorative details made it feel like I was unwrapping a luxurious gift.

Cheese Traps in Ottawa

Inside the savoury box, there was tons of food. There certainly is enough for four people to eat as dinner. Mine came with several types of mild cheese (including herb cover goat cheese, brie, and cheddar), an assortment of two kinds of meats (mild and spicy), three types of crackers, fresh fruits (strawberries, grapes and oranges), dried apricots and salty bites like pretzels, olives and nuts. Additionally, there were a few sweet snacks and two fantastic sauces that were incredible on the brie.

Cheese Traps in Ottawa

Everything was delicious, and there was so much to eat that that I had ample leftovers to enjoy the next day too. I loved so many small details about this product, such as the meats rolled to look like flowers or the thoughtful inclusion forks. It had everything you needed to enjoy a romantic picnic at home; all you need to do is open the box and enjoy.

Cheese Traps in Ottawa

For those looking for Valentine’s Day ideas in Ottawa, the $75 combo meal is fantastic.

Cheese Traps in Ottawa

It was the perfect blend of rich and creamy, which is so much better than anything you’d get at Cheesecake Factory. Plus, the addition of the gem-like chocolate heart and berries make it especially eye-catching. I honestly can’t rave enough about how good it is. You need to try the cheesecake!

Cheese Traps in Ottawa

To place an order, send a direct message to Cheese Traps on Instagram @cheesetraps_ottawa.