Australia / Gold Coast

Bathhouse By Greenhouse On The Gold Coast

After spending time hiking, surfing, and swimming you might want to spend some time to relax. I know for me after the long flight to Australia my muscles were aching and a visit to the spa was just what I needed to feel recharged.

Bathhouse by Greenhouse is a popular spot with locals as spa only allows 12 guests at a time. A such you have a really relaxing experience where you can enjoy the two hot tubs, a wet steam room, cedar sauna, magnesium plunge pool, and sun deck.

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To visit you must make an appointment, but it is highly worth the experience. Packages start at $40 for 90 minutes but you can add additional spa services such as a massage. Included in your visit are your towel and herbal tea.

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The small spa is located in a renovated warehouse and is a bit hard to spot from the road as it is behind a building. Yet once you find your way inside, you will be able to enjoy this best-kept secret of the Gold Coast.