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Cakes by Chocodella In Ottawa Is Sweet Bliss

Life is short. Eat dessert first. The next time you celebrate a birthday or want to spoil yourself with something sweet, you should order from Cakes by Chocodella in Ottawa. The local company run by the talented Brigitte specializes in custom cakes, ready-to-bake scones and decorated cookies.

The first Chocodella product I tried was the cookies, which were nearly too pretty to eat. Mine was a mix of ice cream cones, a milk cartoon and popsicle, but it was all the small details that left me dazzled.

Chocodella In Ottawa

You could tell how much time went to each one as a mix of different textured used to adorn the tops.

Chocodella In Ottawa

Next up was the mini pink champagne cookie cake, which was bigger and better. Not only was the cookie moist and delicious, but it was pink and a heart shape. It was the perfect cake combination for me, and I would love something like this for my next birthday cake.

Chocodella In Ottawa

Between the three layers of cookie, there was creamy mascarpone filling. The masterpiece dessert took my breath away from how pretty it was. It had ultra-glam gold foil, sprinkles and a pink macaron (another one of my favourite desserts).

Last I tried the scones you need to bake yourself. A package comes with half a dozen, and I got the blueberry ones. Baking is straightforward, just put them on a tray and follow the directions on the package.

After eating more of the scones in one sitting, I care to admit; they are the best scones I’ve ever tasted. (insert microphone drop here). The interior was so moist, while the exterior had delightful crunchy sugar crystals that provided a delightful contrast.

Everything I tasted was delicious, but the scones were hands down the winner for me. I’m tempted to order every flavour and stock my freezer with them. Not only would they be perfect for Sunday brunch, but I’d love to use them for a fancy afternoon tea party in the future too.

Chocodella In Ottawa

The pink champagne cookie-cake is $80, the cookies are $48 a dozen, and the ready to bake scones are $15 for six.

Chocodella In Ottawa

You can easily place your order on the Chocodella website. For example, for the scones, you can pick between a long list of flavours available as gluten free.

Place your Chocodella order now.