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Chris’s Ice Cream Get Individual Containers Delivered To Your Door In Ottawa

Chris's Ice Cream

Get personal containers of ice cream delivered to your door. The newest ice cream shop in Ottawa is Chris’s Ice Cream, and you need to try it. This small business specializes in small-batch ice cream in the most incredible flavours. Forget your Ben & Jerry’s; you are quickly going to get addicted to these personal-sized desserts.

Chris’s Ice Cream

On the menu, there are so many candy infused treats like Ah Caramel!, Reese, cookie dough, brownie, After Eight and more. Every time I’ve visited Chris’s website, I’ve noticed new flavours too, which is rather exciting. For example, right now, he is selling cinnamon bun ice cream!

Each order is $6, and they offer delivery in Ottawa too. Just be warned flavours sell out fast, but they do restock every night at 5 pm. So if you want to place an order, I would suggest around that time.

When ordering, you’ll want to add at least four containers to your digital shopping cart to take advantage of free shipping. Compared to so many companies in Ottawa, they also boast a wide shipping area. So chances are they ship to your house.

When summer weather arrives, I’m all about having ice cream. So I decided to stock up my freezer with a wide range of flavours.  For my order I got, Reese’s Pieces, Ah Caramel, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie, Orange Creamsicle and Birthday Cake.

As you can tell, I love peanut butter anything. Most of the bases were similar, with just different toppings. The only one I didn’t enjoy much was the cookie dough which I found a bit too hard.

It honestly is one of the best scoops of vanilla I’ve ever had!

But my top pick is the birthday cake. Typically vanilla ice cream isn’t one I pick, but this one was so rich and creamy with a delicious vanilla flavour and chunks of cake. Compared to all the flavours, I found it was the creamiest with the richest taste too. So make sure to give it a try. It honestly is one of the best scoops of vanilla I’ve ever had!⠀⠀⠀

Chris's Ice Cream
Birthday cake ice cream

Next order, I’m curious to try some of the more fruity options like cucumber mint or strawberry cheesecake (and you better believe I’ll be ordering more birthday cake).

Go order some ice cream now.