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Modern Wallpaper

How glamorous would it be to add some pattern to your closet and give it the feeling of a chic boutique! My own closet is just a lackluster off-white but I love the look of mixing wallpaper to peak through the clothes hanging in the closet. As most of the pattern would be limited to a small area a big bold pattern with a neutral palate so not to clash with your clothes, or the use of a metallic wallpaper would be best. Here are my top ten wallpapers that I recommend for a closet.Modern Wallpaper

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Here are my top ten wallpapers that I recommend for a closet. I will be picking one of the patterns below for my own lack-luster closet, and give a go at my first attempt at applying wallpaper.

Modern Wallpaper


1 – Kinky Vintage Wallpaper via Graham and Brown $93.00 a roll

2 – Botanical Flora Wallpaper via Graham and Brown $51.00 a roll

3 – Flourish Wallpaper via Graham and Brown $15.00 a roll

4 – Fabulous Wallpaper via Graham and Brown $51.00 a roll

5 – Majestic Wallpaper via Graham and Brown $30.00 a roll

6 – Mustachio Wallpaper via 2Modern $150.00 a roll

7 – Carved Oggee Wallpaper via Hygge and West $125.00 a roll

8 – Minaret Wallpaper via Wallpaper Direct $115.00 a roll

9 – Nino Silve and White Dasmark Wallpaper via Mood Living $130.00 a roll

10 – Superfresco Easy Cinema Charcoal Wallpaper via Layla Grayce $50.00 a roll




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