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CodeBreakers Hunting A Killer Online Escape Room Review

Race against the clock to stop a serial killer. CodeBreakers Hunting A Killer is an online escape room you won’t want to miss. This exceptional game will give you chills as you track down a serial killer who has already murdered eight people. It is up to you to identify and track down the infamous Inferno Killer and before he kills his final victim.


Based in Christchurch, New Zealand Codebreakers offers a diverse lineup of escape rooms to play. In addition to their classic escape rooms, they also have an outdoor room and online games.

Currently, they have two virtual escape rooms, #Missing and the slightly more difficult Hunting A Killer.

How To Play

Hunting A Killer can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world. One person will need to purchase the game for the entire team. They will get emailed a url from the “ADT Task Force,” which can be shared with everyone.

To get started, everyone will need to have a computer and a voice program like Zoom or Discord.

To set the atmosphere, you can also play the Spotify list they provide.

CodeBreakers Hunting A Killer Review (Spoiler-Free Review)

Hunting A Killer gets better with every twist and turn. It raises the bar and is a prime example of how online escape rooms can be more thrilling than in-person games when designed correctly.

Right away, the creepy mood is set by having you watch a video that explains the story thus far. Then if you wish, you can begin playing the Spotify list designed for the game to provide ambient music.

The entire game will occur using the ADT Task Force chat. It is here you’ll get links to the various puzzles or where you can type in the answers. If you get stuck, you’ll also have the option to type you need help.

When using the ADT Task Force chat, you have two options. First, you could have one player load it and screen share. If you use this method, you’ll want to have a quick way to share all the links to everyone (something like Discord would work). Option 2, is everyone visits the url. This way works better, but every player will need to type in the answers at every stage to keep together. We went with option two, which worked out well.

It raises the bar and is a prime example of how online escape rooms can be more thrilling than in-person games.

You certainly won’t be disappointed when it comes to the puzzles. In this game, the next step is always logical, and you won’t find yourself puzzling where to go next. But solving the challenge will undoubtedly have you testing your problem-solving skills.

Within the game, the puzzles are outstanding. There are so many interactive elements that work flawlessly and enhance the dark atmosphere. 

Usually, when playing virtual games, you feel like a bystander watching the story take place, but that isn’t the case here. CodeBreakers does a fantastic job of making the story highly immersive. 

Subtle elements like the real world or personal references help to enhance the urgency of the narrative. 

Another major highlight is they created their own fake Facebook. In the past, we’ve had the problem of escape rooms asking everyone to log into Facebook, but not everyone on our team has an account. But here the problem doesn’t exist; you can still check a social media site without anyone needing a social media account. It was a huge perk, so a big thank you to the fantastic programmers who made this happen.

Despite playing countless escape rooms (in-person and virtual), this game is one I’ll never forget. The story drags you into, and you genuinely feel a sense of urgency to arrest the Inferno Killer.

The game expertly wraps up too. You get just one chance to select who to arrest. Get it wrong, and the killer will be left to continue their killing spree.

In our game, we got it correct, and it ends with a video and a magazine clipping of your victory. I loved how well it wrapped up, and the email with the magazine clipping only helped to enhance your sense of achievement.

Final Thoughts

It is one of the top online escape rooms I’ve ever experienced. From the story, puzzles, and the shocking goosebump raising twist, it was exceptional. 

For our play through it took us one hour and six minutes. But Codebreakers says it can take groups anywhere between one and two hours.

Without question, you will want to buy a copy to play with your friends. It is only $15 per team. 

Get a copy of CodeBreakers Hunting A Killer now.