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A Concert At Schoenbrunn Palace

When visiting Vienna, the city of music, you must go to at least one concert! Vienna earned its name of ‘the city of music’ because more famous composers have lived in Vienna than any other city in the world (including Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven) and it still has a vibrant art scene.

In Vienna, there several concert halls where you can listen to orchestra play, but the most grande venue is Schoenbrunn Palace! To listen to the palace orchestra play the music of Mozart and Strauss, you will need to get tickets from Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts.

Vienna Concert At Schoenbrunn Palace

Concert At Schoenbrunn Palace

Out of all the extraordinary things I did in Vienna, attending a concert at a palace was by far one of my favourite experiences! I would suggest that everyone needs to experience it at least once. What makes it so unique is you get to listen to the palace orchestra perform in a palace after the crowds have left.

Vienna Concert At Schoenbrunn Palace

The concerts take place in multiple locations on the place grounds, but I recommend booking when it is happening in the Great Gallery. The Great Gallery is the most ornate and spectacular room in the entire palace and looks similar to the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, France. The Rococo ceremonial hall is filled with ornate chandeliers and gold detailing and was used as the reception hall and balls.

Vienna Concert At Schoenbrunn Palace

Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts offers a variety of ticket packages so that you can add dinner at the palace to your concert if you wish. For my ticket, I opted for the dinner and concert package, which is the one I recommend. I picked for this option as I could spend the entire day visiting Schoenbrunn Palace and the Zoo within in it, then enjoy dinner and the concert after at the palace. For me, it made tons of sense, as I could spend the entire day at a castle, and enjoy dinner and a show at a palace. It isn’t often you can get an experience like that!

Vienna Concert At Schoenbrunn Palace

Typically you can’t take photos within the stunning Schoenbrunn Palace, but when you are visiting after hours for the concert, that rule no longer applies. I was able to photograph the opulent Great Gallery before the show started.

The concert was delightful, with half of it being Mozart and the other half being the music of the king of the Waltz, Strauss. The orchestra and occasional singers who joined were all fantastic. I couldn’t have been happier with the performance, and certainly would book the same event again when I next return to Vienna.

After the show, it was also straightforward to return to the hotel. The castle is only a short walk to the metro, but there were also tons of taxis waiting at the palace gate.

The dinner and concert packages range from € 81 to € 139 depending on the seats you pick. I opted for the € 112 category A option which gave me seats right at the front, a cd of the music, and a glass of sparkling wine at the intermission. Tickets for just the concert range from € 45-136.

For more information about Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts, or to book tickets to their shows visit their website.