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Delicious Thai Food Delivered: Farang Thai Catering

The next time you want to order Thai food, make sure to try Farang Thai Catering. Cameron and Corinne the owners of Farang Thai Catering offer either prepared meals which can be delivered frozen or unfrozen, along with meal catering (you have the option adding a buffet setup or a private chef service).

Eager to try Farang Thai Catering I ordered off the full catering menu, which offers a massive list of dishes all of which are 100% gluten-free. I ordered a beef Panang curry, holy basil stir fry with ground pork along with a chicken pad see ew. The pricing of full menu depends on the dish, protein options and the number of guests the dish needs to feed (minimum of 6 people), so once you place your order you will get a price breakdown. Delivery of the food is included in the price and the food is provided in reheatable dishes. If you require the buffet setup there is a $50 charge for the setup and equipment rental for the day, and for a private chef service, there is a $50/hour fee.

Farang Thai Catering Ottawa

What I Ordered

Panang Curry “Gaeng Panang”: Thai peanut curry paste sauteed in coconut milk, with sliced red pepper,
bamboo shoots, crushed peanuts, and julienned lime leaves.

Stir Fried Flat Noodles “Pad See Ew”: Wide rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, and garlic, stir-fried in a blend of sauces.
One of Bangkok’s most popular street foods! Chicken, pork, beef, or vegetarian.

Holy Basil Stir Fry “Pad Gaprow”: Holy basil, Thai basil, chopped long beans, red peppers, Thai chilies, garlic, and
sliced onion, stir-fried in a blend of sauces.

Jasmine Rice

Crispy Pork Rinds: Super crunchy, crispy pork rinds, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Farang Thai Catering Ottawa

I was highly impressed by the quality of the food offered, which is some of the best Thai food I’ve had in Ottawa! The curry, pad sew, and holy basil were all very flavorful and the portions were so massive I was left with plenty of leftovers.

Farang Thai Catering Ottawa
Farang Thai Catering Ottawa

In addition to the catering menu, you can also order from the weekly prepared meals menu. The prepared meals come with 7 generous servings – each serving is $12 vegetarian or $14 with protein (the price includes delivery).

Farang Thai Catering Ottawa

The next time you are hungry for Thai food make sure to place an order with Farang Catering and support this amazing Ottawa business!