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Mouthwatering Dessert Sushi At Ms. Sushi Crepe In Ottawa

Do you love crepes? If so, you’ll want to try Ms. Sushi Crepe in Ottawa. This local small business specializes in mouthwatering dessert sushi trays.

Don’t worry; these sweets don’t contain any raw fish. Instead, it is mini crepes rolled up to look like sushi.

While it might seem a strange combination, crepe cones were a popular dessert sold throughout the country when I lived in Japan. But instead of one giant portion, Ms. Sushi Crepe makes them bite-sized.

Ms. Sushi Crepe In Ottawa

How it works is they are mini thin pancakes rolled up and stuffed with different delicious fillings. Each tray will contain a mixture of several types. If you are like me and love to sample a few different kinds of foods instead of one massive portion, you’ll adore this business.

Ms. Sushi Crepe In Ottawa

My sushi crepe boat was a showstopper perfect for any celebration. I know I’d prefer to get something like this than a cake for my birthday.

The flavours included Rice Krispie square, marshmallow, and sprinkles with a brownie inside, Nutella, strawberry, banana and Oreo.

Ms. Sushi Crepe in Ottawa

Everything was delicious, but the strawberry and brownie were my top picks. Meanwhile, I was surprised by how much I liked Rice Krispie; the contrast between the crunchy and chewy square vs the soft crepe was lovely.

The gigantic tray contained so much food it would be perfect for a large celebration. But for most the small size will be more dessert than several people can consume.

The regular trays are available in three sizes:
Small (25 pieces) $40
Medium (50 pieces) $75
XL (100 pieces) $120

Ms. Sushi Crepe in Ottawa

All trays come with an assortment of flavours and are presented on a sushi boat tray. To make it extra fun, they also come with chopsticks and chocolate sauce dip. Instead of regular sushi that you dip into soya sauce, you can plunge the rolls into liquid chocolate.

Ms. Sushi Crepe in Ottawa

When ordering, you’ll need to give 48 hours notice. They are available for pick up, while delivery up fees are based upon the distance in kilometres from the shop.

To place an order, make sure to visit their Instagram.