DIY Advent Calendar For Adults

diy advent calendar for adults

Count down the days until Christmas with this fun DIY advent calendar. Skip the traditional chocolate filled advent calendar, as you’ll have plenty of sweets around with the holidays already. Instead our DIY printable advent calendar has an a Christmas themed activity to do each day leading up to Christmas, and the entire advent calendar has a minimal look which sits on any tabletop. Ready to make the most of your time before Christmas with the special someone in your life? Download and print the advent calendar!


To begin you will need to print the 3 pages of advent cards, and the one page that includes the dates and advent card holder. Once you have printed all the sheets, begin cutting out all the paper cards. For best results print the cards on cardstock or photo paper.

diy advent calendar for adults

Next from the cards select the 24 activities you want to do. Once you picked your 24 activities order them on which day in December you wish to do them on. For example, if you typically decorate the Christmas Tree on the first day of December, place that card first, while other activities such as wrapping presents or baking cookies might be something you want to do closer to Christmas.

diy advent calendar for adults

Within the designed cards there are extras, and there is also the option to create your own activities on the blank cards.

After all your cards have been ordered, next cut out all the number cards 1-24 and glue the number onto the back of the card on the day you want to do it on. For advent calendar date numbering you can either have the number correspond with the date in December, for example if you want to “have a Christmas movie marathon” on December 3 you would put the number 3 on the back. The other option is to have the numbers going in reverse, so that on December 1st, you would glue the number “24” so that each card of the day would show how many days left there are until Christmas. Either way works, so the choice is yours how you wish to apply the numbers.
diy advent calendar for adults

Finally cut out the box template, and apply glue or double sided tape on the two tabs in the front and in the back. Place the cards in order within the box, with the number side facing you, so that each day the activity is a surprise to the person joining you (or perhaps even to you as you most likely will forget the order too). Below you can see what the box looks like with the cards inside.

diy advent calendar for adults

Each day, you will grab the card in front, flip it over and do that activity. If you want to reuse the advent calendar next year, place the card when completed at the back of the deck, otherwise the card can be thrown out when completed.

diy advent adults

Download cards page 1

Download cards page 2

Download cards page 3

Download blank cards

Download box and day numbers


Not only is this a fast DIY but it is extremely fun way to enjoy the holidays by making time for yourself each day to do something fun and to build wonderful Christmas memories. For those of you who wish to use this DIY with a family, simply remove the few more adult themed activities and replace them with some blank cards. Enjoy!