DIY Bling Napkin Rings

diy bling napkin ring

Create your own set of DIY bling napkin rings using a roll of gem tape and felt. The total cost for this project for 6 napkin rings was $2.00 which included the cost of the gem tape and a piece of felt, and the end result looks very posh and would be the perfect enhancement to your wedding tablescape or your home dinner party.


  • 1 sheet or felt (for black gem bling napkin ring) or vellum paper (for diamond bling napkin ring)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Gem adhesive border double sided tape


diy napkin ring

Begin by drawing a line across the width of the paper or felt with pencil that is exactly the width of two rows of the gem adhesive border tape. Repeat this step until you fill the sheet with evenly spaced lines for each napkin ring. Next cut all the strips of felt or paper to the correct length. To do this create a circle that is the exact size you want your napkin ring to be and cut off the excess. In our napkin rings the strips are cut to 5 inches long.

diy napkin ring

Next take the adhesive border tape and peel of the start of the backing. Above you can see the paper used in making the diamond bling napkin rings, as the mesh between the gems was transparent so we used a transparent paper to napkin ring

Form a circle with a strip of the felt or paper strip and hold the circle with your fingers so that the loop slightly overlaps. Begin placing the start of the double sided tape over where the overlap is, lining the gem tape so that edge is completely flush with the edge of the paper or felt. While the tape we used securely held the felt together, if you are concerned about the tape not being durable enough to hold the napkin ring together, you can easily hand stitch the ring together with matching thread and place the tape over top. We have been using our napkin rings for some time now, and even without stitching they have been holding together very well, so the choice is yours.

diy napkin ring

Continue wrapping the tape around until you reach the start of the tape and cut off the excess tape. Repeat this same process of placing the double sided gem tape for the bottom row of the napkin ring.
diy bling napkin ring

Here you can see six of the finished diamond napkin rings.
diy bling napkin ringdiy bling napkin ring

Viola! Both the black gem and diamond napkin rings look amazing for an elegant dinner, or would equally work well for a wedding, or Christmas dinner.


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