DIY Christmas Crackers

diy christmas crackers

Make your own DIY Christmas crackers using leftover wrapping paper and the inner cardboard tube to make a set of fun party crackers for your Christmas dinner. For younger guest fill the cracker with small toys, while for adults mini bottles of alcohol or small inexpensive gifts make a wonderful surprise. Or, simply skip the gifts inside and fill the Christmas crackers with as much confetti as possible and take a fun group photo where everyone pops open the cracker all at once, the choice is yours!



  • toilet paper roll (or a wrapping roll/paper towel roll cut to the same length)
  • a sheet of decorative paper such as wrapping paper
  • ribbon or decorative twine
  • confetti
  • something to fill inside the cracker such as a small gift, money, paper with a joke etc.
  • party cracker snap

diy christmas crackers

To begin cut a piece of wrapping paper, or your choice of decorative paper to 9 inches by 9 inches. Slip the party cracker snap inside the toilet paper roll along with confetti and any additional surprise prizes you might want to add.
diy christmas crackers

Roll up the paper around the toilet paper roll.
diy christmas crackers

Cut two pieces of twine and tie the string to close the two ends on either side of the toilet paper roll to hold everything together.

To use the Christmas cracker hold either side and pull which will make a small pop sound and rain confetti down along with revealing any gifts left inside.



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