DIY Coffee Filter Light

DIY Coffee Filter Light

Create a stunning DIY fluttery light using coffee filters.

Just a few days ago  I had the opportunity to visit Paris for the first time. As someone who is passionate about good food, a bold glass of wine, and art and architecture I was elated to finally visit the city of love and lights.

One of the highlights of the trip was visiting The Palace of Versailles, the home of the French royal family from 1682 until the beginning of the French Revolution. It is shortly after visiting that room that I realized two things, first that I loved the glamour of the room filled with 43 chandeliers and wanted some amazing light fixtures in my own home, and secondly this would be expensive to do.

DIY Coffee Filter Lantern| some of the many chandeliers at the Palace of Versailles |


  • A glue gun and sticks of glue
  • One paper lantern (I got the Regolit shade from Ikea $4.00)
  • 500-800 Coffee filters (depending on how dense you glue them in)
  • One cord for the light (I reused the cord from the light fixture in the kitchen, but you could always get something like the Hemma Cord from Ikea for $5.99)

Coffee Filter Light


To start begin by gluing the coffee filters in one area of the lantern and slowly spread outwards. I found it was helpful to glue the coffee filters at the bottom to the lantern, and on the sides to the previous coffee filter.

DIY Coffee Filter Chandelier

There were two ways that I shaped the filters for the lantern. The first I folded it in half and rolled it up.

Coffee Filter Pendant

This resulted in a flower like shape.

DIY Coffee Filter Chandelier

The other way is I just gathered it together leaving the bottom fairly flat. This just left the filter looking wavy, and covered more space.

DIY Coffee Filter Chandelier

After some time the light fixture might start to roll around. I found it useful to put a roll of paper towels to balance the paper lantern.

DIY Coffee Filter Chandelier

After about 6 hours of work the coffee filter chandelier was done. Here it is waiting on the floor to be hung up in the front entrance.

DIY Coffee Filter Light

| front entrance with coffee filter chandelier and gallery wall |DIY Coffee Filter Light