DIY Dip Dyed Gardening Tools


Ever so slowly it is starting to warm up which has my mind on gardening, which is one of my relaxing hobbies (minus the incidents where I find a truly terrifying bug and run for the hills). As such I decided to make my gardening tools a bit more fun and colourful by dip dying the handles to add a lovely aqua to the handles.




Begin by wrapping the ends of your tools with painter’s tape all the way around the handle. To keep a uniformed look try to wrap the handles at the same spot on each handle.

Next I painted 3 coats of Liquitex bright Aqua Green paint on the handles to get a rich even finished. After the paint has dried your tools are ready to use but as they will get lots of wear and tear, you should help protect the painted areas by using a spray paint or clear acrylic paint top coat such as Mod Podge which does a wonderful job as a sealer.

dip-dyed-tools-diy-3 dip-dyed-tools-diy-2
If you are looking for a inexpensive Mother’s Day gift or birthday present for a gardener you know, I suggest packaging up a set of gardening tools complete with a terracotta plant pot painted to match the tools. Either place a plant inside the pot, or fill the pot with a few packages of seeds and you have a beautiful gift a gardener is certain to cherish.


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