DIY Foil Chopsticks

DIY Foil Sakura Chopsticks

In my senior year of high school, I remember becoming deeply curious about Japanese culture, which led me to enrolling in Japanese classes after school and doing a presentation where I taught my class how to use chopsticks. After graduating university, I pack up my bags and moved to Japan for a year, and upon returning to Canada worked at the Embassy of Japan and volunteered my time with a Japanese community organization.  Above all, the foodie in me is most drawn to Japan for the simple, refined beauty and I hoped to translate that in my DIY foil chopsticks.

DIY Foil Sakura Chopsticks

Salmon and eel nigiri anyone? Sakura, or cherry blossoms is a huge event in Japan. If you can imagine it the news  will have the standard weather map followed by the cherry blossom blooming map throughout Japan. Durning this time people take the time to picnic under the beautifully flowering trees often with plenty of bento boxes filled with sushi and some sake (rice wine) picked up from a vending machine or corner store.
diy chopsticks

To make these silver cherry blossom chopsticks I took an inexpensive set of wood chopsticks and used my Silhouette to cut out tiny (ie: less than 1 cm) wide cherry blossoms in silver foil which was stuck to the ends of the chopsticks.

diy chopsticks

Download Silhouette Sakura Studio File

sushi-4 - Copy

To make these chopsticks simply download the sakura studio file and load it in Silhouette Studio. Next load up metallic foil in your choice of color, adjust your Silhouette blades to the proper settings, and send your Silhouette machine to work cutting. When the foil it cut just align the stickers on the chopsticks and they are ready to use.

diy foil chopsticks

This is my added bonus chopsticks. This one I made by painting the ends with Martha Stewart silver craft paint as I wanted to make an alternative DIY chopsticks for those of you without a Silhouette device. Enjoy.

Have questions about my life in Japan or this DIY? Feel free to ask below.


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  1. August 6, 2015 / 2:24 pm

    Very fancy! Possibly too much work for me…but love even the simplicity of the painted chopsticks.

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