DIY Gilded Candleholder

DIY Gilded Candleholder

Who doesn’t love the soft glow of flickering candles? For a while now I’ve had my eye on black and gold tea light candle holders, but the problem was they typically sold for around $7-10 and I wanted to have around 10 tea light holders so I couldn’t justify the cost.  So, being the crafty person I am when I spotted glass tea light holders for 30 cents each I bought a bunch of them and set out to DIY gilded candleholders.



  • Glass tea light holders
  • Black Martha Stewart craft paint
  • Gold Martha Stewart craft paint
  • Small flat paintbrush


To begin clean all the candleholders to remove any dust and price stickers.

diy gold candle


To start paint a coat of gold paint in the inside of the tea light holder. I used Martha Stewart craft paint as it is designed to be used on glass and gives a nice durable finish, best of all I find it dries smoother giving a more professional looking finish than any other craft paint I’ve tested on glass. To get an even gold finish on the interior, you will need to paint several light coats of gold paint. Make sure to allow the paint to fully dry between coats to achieve a smooth finish.


DIY Gilded Candleholder


Next flip the tea light candle holder upside down and paint the black paint on the exterior. Above you can see what it looks like after one coat of black paint. I found I needed two coats of black paint to get an opaque finish.

DIY Gilded Candleholder

When the paint has dried your tea holder is ready for tea light candles. What I love about this simple DIY is the beautiful glow that is given from the candlelight reflecting off the gold glass.

DIY Gilded Candleholder DIY black and gold tea light
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