Egg-Stra Fancy: DIY Glitter Easter Eggs

diy glitter easter eggs

In an effort to keep it real, I can’t recall me decorating eggs since I was a child as I’ve always spent Easter celebrating with my family. This year, while we are still doing the traditional huge family gathering to celebrate Easter I decided to volunteer to help provide the decorations in addition to the typical baked goods. So to hopefully start a new tradition of me doing more than filling my house with tulips for Easter I’ve prepared some reuseable plastic DIY glitter eggs.



  • Plastic easter eggs (real eggs would work too)
  • Fine glitter
  • Large glitter
  • Glitter glue (or liquid glue)
  • Paint brush

diy glitter easter eggs

To start paint on one side of the egg with glue. As I have a bunch of excess glitter glue, I painted my eggs first with glitter glue that would match the colour of the glitter I would use, but normal liquid craft glue works well too.

diy glitter easter eggs

Next, sprinkle that glitter all over the top and sides of the egg, if you want to use large and fine glitter as I did alternate between sprinkling both types of glitter. When the egg dries, flip it over and do the same thing.

diy glitter easter eggs


Repeat this process with each colour of glitter. I found I got the best results when using a similar colour glitter to the colour of the plastic egg as if the egg did show through in any areas of the glitter it was harder to notice.




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