DIY Glitter Vase

diy glitter vase

Lately I’ve been loving everyone’s Instagram feeds filled with beautiful flowering trees. Here in Ottawa, while things are getting warmer, I can’t expect any bloom flowers until early May when the Tulip Festival starts. So I decided to bring spring to me, as I went to the florist to grab these beautiful red and purple tulips which are being displayed in my brand new DIY glitter vase.  As a side note, for all of you Ikebana florists who use a kezan to arrange your flowers the opaque band at the bottom of the vase is super useful as it hides the kenzan completely.



  • Glass vase
  • Painters tape
  • Gold glitter
  • Liquid glue or glitter glue that matches the color of the glitter being used
  • Paint brush

diy glitter vase

Mark off the section of the vase you wish to cover with glitter using painters tape and paint on glue within this area. As I had extra gold glitter glue I painted the bottom of the vase with gold glitter glue and poured extra gold glitter onto the wet glue.

diy glitter vase

Once the glue dries go ahead and fill the vase up with water and add your flowers.

diy glitter vase

Here you can see the completed glitter vase which when filled with tulips makes a beautiful Easter centerpiece perfect for brunch with the family.


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