DIY Heart Pillow

valentine's day pillow

I’m smitten with my new DIY heart pillow which I’ve made to decorate for Valentine’s Day as this bad boy pillow was made without any sewing. Can you believe this super cute pillow was made from one my old shirts that I cut up and glued together to make a pillow! Crafty, I know.


  • 1 piece of fabric (I used the a shirt)
  • scissors
  • fabric glue
  • 1 sheet of white felt
  • polyester stuffing


I took an old red tunic I had and cut the waste section so that the sides were still sewn together.
diy heart pillow

Next I folded in half a piece of white felt and cut out a heart.

diy heart pillow

Using fabric glue which is designed to be used instead of sewing I put glue around the edge of the heart and glued the heart to the middle of the shirt.

diy heart pillow

To complete the pillow I glued together the top seems of the pillow. Once the glue has dried I filled the pillow with polyester stuffing and proceeded to close the pillow by gluing together the bottom of the pillow.
diy heart pillow

Here is a closeup of the pillow on my couch.




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