DIY Instagram Photo Frame (Part 1)

instagram frame template

Go big or go home is my current motto with my next project in the living room. Inspired by large scaled photo gallery frames holding a grid of small photos we have decided to re-create the same look without the custom framing price tag. Learn how to make your own DIY Instagram photo frame using cheap lumber and our free Instagram frame template to create a photo frame that can display 230 photographs.
instagram frame template

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The artwork will be 83″ tall x 48″ wide and go beside the couch so it can be a conversation piece. To fill the frame we will be picking 230 photos over the next week which we will resize to 3″ x 3″ using the Instagram frame template we created and have them printed.

instagram frame template


Download the template, and open it in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements (a free trial of either program is available)

instagram diy frame

download this template |

Copy one of your photos to the layer called “Copy Image for ~”, and move the image so it is framed how you want it to print.

instagram frame template

Continue copying your own images to all the 6 layer called “Copy Image for ~”, but do not touch the mask layers. If you accidentally paste your image onto a new layer instead of the 6 “Copy Image for ~” layer, simply drag the new layer underneath one of the “Copy Image for ~” layers and it will still work.

instagram frame template

| example Instagram frame template used to print 6 3×3″ photographs |

Delete the layer called “Instructions” & print

If you have any questions regarding using this template feel free to post them below. We are looking forward to sharing the instructions for the next step of the artwork soon, but until them enjoy using our template.

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