DIY Kate Spade Inspired Christmas Ornament

DIY Kate Spade Inspired Christmas Ornament

Inspired by Kate Spade or even Sephora use of bold black and white stripes, I crafted a new Christmas ornament for my tree this year that is so .. me! Mix in modern black and white, with a bit of gold glam and a romantic flair for me the super romantic, and you have the perfect ornament that screams “that is so Stephanie”, and hopefully something that scream it is so YOU too.  Oh, and for those of you who are seeing stripes, never fear this Kate Spade inspired Christmas ornament won’t have you painting stripes and dealing with lines that are never crisp, I have a clever trick that uses wrapping paper.



To start you will need a roll of black and white wrapping paper, and a blank flat heart ornament that you can buy in craft stores with the ready to decorate Christmas ornaments. If you can’t find black and white wrapping paper, feel free to use another type of wrapping paper, or to print black and white stripes onto a piece of paper to use instead.


Place the heart on the wrapping paper and trace the heart twice.


Cut out the traced hearts.


Next paint Mod Podge onto the ornament and place one of the cut heart shapes directly on top. Do the same thing for the oposite side of the ornament. For extra protection paint a thin layer of mod podge over the wrapping paper once both sides are glued for extra durability.heart-ornament-christmas-5

Next take your pencil and punch the hole through the paper to uncover the existing hole in the heart shape ornament.heart-ornament-christmas-6

Finally to give a beautiful gilded finish color the side of the ornament with a gold Sharpie marker to add a bit of color.

 DIY Kate Spade Inspired Christmas Ornament

To hang the black and white striped heart ornament in the tree I just tied a small piece of black cord in a loop.

DIY Kate Spade Inspired Christmas Ornament

The metallic side of the ornament will beautifully reflect the lights from your Christmas tree.

DIY Kate Spade Inspired Christmas Ornament

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