DIY Lace Cat Ears

DIY Lace Cat Ears

While I may be sporting a ponytail and some cat ears this isn’t a post about what to wear to an Ariana Grande concert, but how to solve your lack of costume for Halloween problem. With just a few minutes, a piece of lace, 2 pipe cleaners an a headband you can have yourself a easy low-key costume for Halloween.

DIY Lace Cat Ears


To start I took small scrap of paper and folded it in half. I then freehand cut the general shape and size I wanted my cat ears to be. Note this step is totally optional, but it can be helpful to keep the size of both ears even.


Next I bent the pipe cleaner to go around the exterior edge of the cut out paper cat ear shape. You will need to do this two times for both pipe cleaners.


Next cut two pieces of lace that are slightly larger than the ear. Using black thread I wrapped the thread through the holes in the lace and around the pipe cleaner until the lace was fully attached to the pipe cleaner. With scissors cut off any excess lace.


When you are done attaching the lace to the pipe cleaner it should look something like this.


Finally you can attach your ears to the headband, either the elastic type of headbands or the hard plastic one will do, by wrapping the ends of the pipe cleaners around the headband. Post Halloween you can simply detach the pipe cleaners and you can resume wearing your regular old headband.



Here you can see my ears which firmly stay on my head and are super cute!
With my cat ears on my head, I decided to attempt to take a photo with my cat, Suki but clearly she was too bashful to pose. To complete your Halloween look dress all in black, and if you want to kick up your costume a notch break out some black eyeliner to give yourself winged cat eyes an draw whiskers on your face.


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