DIY Mini Easter Baskets


It’s hard to believe it is almost Easter, as it was still briefly snowing this morning so the ground is covered in a layer of frosty white.  As such, the the only grass I might see this Easter might be the artificial stuff in Easter baskets, thankfully I have a ton of of these DIY mini Easter baskets ready with cute bright green grass. Using paper ice cream cups, but you could use regular paper cups too, I crafted mini baskets to leave on everyone’s plate for Easter dinner as a small gift for people to take home. Who doesn’t love some Lindt chocolate?


Here is a close up of one the purple Easter baskets filled with delicious chocolates. Cute no? The baskets are made by cutting a strip of cardstock, which was decorated with a Fiskars Edger and glued to the sides of the cup. If you’d like to make your own baskets using paper cups make sure to read my full tutorial which is over on

DIY Mini Easter Baskets

Would you believe, there is about double this many baskets on the ready for the big family Easter celebration this weekend? Want to learn how to make your own?

Read The Tutorial I Made For |


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