DIY No Carve Halloween Pumpkins


If you are looking for some no-carve pumpkin ideas for Halloween, I have 3 simple DIY ideas that you can do with a coat of paint and some stickers or glitter to create some festive pumpkins for your porch this Halloween.

DIY No Carve Halloween Pumpkinspaint-pumpkin


To start I painted all my pumpkins with Rust-oleum black spray paint either in flat black which gives a creepy look to the pumpkin, or with glossy black which makes any pumpkin seem modern. To paint your pumpkin place it outdoors on a drop cloth and give your pumpkin 2 coats of paint on either side. Note, this spray paint also works on plastic if you decide to paint an artifical pumpkin instead of a fresh one.


DIY Studded Pumpkin


For my edgy studded pumpkin I picked up some spiked stud stickers at Michaels craft store. The set I purchased came with half gold and half silver, so I gave the stickers a quick coat of Rust-oleum metallic gold spray paint to get all the spikes to the be the same colour.


To decorate the pumpkin I simply stuck spikes around the pumpkin along the lines going down the pumpkin trying to keep an equal number of spikes per row.

DIY Diamond Pumpkins




Next for the diamond pumpkins, I picked up a sheet of assorted sized diamond looking stickers from the dollar store. For the first pumpkin I randomly placed the diamond stickers over the top of the pumpkin that was painted glossy black.


For my second diamond pumpkin I took all the same sized diamond stickers and lined them up to cover the indented lines on the pumpkin, similar to what was done with the studded pumpkin.

DIY No Carve Halloween Pumpkins

I personally love the contrast of the rougher looking spiked pumpkin against the glam diamond pumpkin, I find the combination ever so chic!


DIY Glitter Pumpkin


Finally for my last pumpkin I wanted one that would look a bit magical, so again with a black painted pumpkin I placed sprayed the top of the pumpkin with some spray glue and sprinkled silver glitter over the still wet glue. The end result is a beautiful sparkling pumpkin that contrasts the matte black paint below which gives a starry night effect to the middle and bottom area of the pumpkin where the glitter gradients into black.

DIY glitter pumpkin


DIY No Carve Halloween Pumpkins

Here are the 3 types of no-carve pumpkins I DIYed this year. I hope you love them as much as I do!


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