DIY Painted Ornaments

diy paint ornaments

Add some flair to your Christmas tree by creating your own custom colour scheme with the exact colours you want. Instead of being limited to traditional colours sold in stores pick up a bottle of craft paint in the exact colour you want and some glass or plastic transparent ornaments to paint to create your own DIY painted ornaments to hang in your Christmas tree.


  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Transparent glass or plastic ornament


Remove the top off the ornament.

diy painted ornament
Pour about a tps. worth of craft acrylic paint into the ornament. If you are using thicker acrylic paint used for painting on canvas you can mix the paint with a small amount of water or fluid aid so that the paint  will flow easier down the sides of the christmas ball.
diy painted ornament

Rotate the ornament until the paint covers all the interior of the ornament.

diy painted ornament

Place the cap back onto the ornament and hang on your DIY painted ornament in your Christmas painted ornament

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