DIY Pumpkin Drinks Cooler

DIY Pumpkin Drinks Cooler

I was asked to bring some cold drinks to a friends house, so I thought to get a little crafty a pumpkin cooler for the beers I brought to the party.  The cooler is made out of half a pumpkin and is a great way to serve cold drinks throughout fall but especially on Thanksgiving or Halloween. Best of all, if you are using it to serve cold beers as I did you can roast all the pumpkin seeds to go as a snack with the beer. Genius I know!



DIY Pumpkin Drinks CoolerDIY Pumpkin Drinks Cooler

Now while I intended the cooler to be used for the beers I brought, it could just as easily work for bottles of wine too. At the party I quickly swapped the wine bottles into the pumpkin to snap the picture above to show it might work. As such those of you with a high attention to detail will notice there are some lovely bottles of red there that are being chilled, and I wouldn’t recommend serving any of the reds shown chilled. Also, as a complete aside, I discovered the Ogier Heritages Cotes du Rhone 2012 from one of my favorite YouTube series So You Think You Know Wine. Curious to watch the episode about the bottle, click here.

To read the full tutorial I did for, click here.


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