DIY Spider Brownie & Spider Web Plate



So truth time, guys I’m terrified of spiders. Let’s just say if I see on on my wall I’ll be attacking it and smacking it a few times similar to how to people repeatedly stab/shoot the villain in a horror film, well picture that being me killing a spider. Despite that I decided to make a black sparkle spider dessert for Halloween, and until I put the cute candy eyes on the brownie spider the brownie spider was creeping me out. Yeah, I got it bad, so guys if you like me, add the google candy eyes to slightly reduce the scary factor of these brownies.

DIY Spider Brownie

To create the spider web plates, I used the same black paper plates in the DIY crime scene and skull plates.  The web was drawn freehand using a permanent white marker (click here to read more about how I drew the spiders web).
DIY Spider Brownie


Next, onto the sweet and frightening brownie spiders which are perfect for all you busy folks. To make them I used a two-bite brownie for the spider’s body. To create the legs, I cut old fashioned string licorice and stuck 8 pieces into the side of the brownie to create the spider legs. Over the top of the brownie I  covered it in Wilton black sparkle gel icing and 2 candy eyes which I picked up at the bulk barn when getting the licorice.

DIY Spider Brownie


Behold one tasty black sparkle spider and matching DIY spider web plate that are perfect for Halloween, and quick to make.DIY Spider Brownie


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