DIY Stamped Wrapping Paper


Create your own DIY stamped wrapping paper this holiday season to add a personal touch to the presents you are giving away. This modern polka dot wrapping paper takes 1 minute to make and is a great way to let the kids help out by letting them stamp the paper. 


  • Kraft paper
  • Pencil
  • Ink pad


Using the eraser end on a pencil push the eraser into the ink pad and stamp down on the kraft paper. Continue stamping the paper until the entire paper is covered with stamped dots.
diy stamp wrapping paper

Here is the completed piece of hand stamped wrapping paper that I made using white stamp wrapping paper

To decorate the wrapped present I used a piece of red twine to go around the present and in the middle I slipped a piece of evergreen that I cut from outdoors in lieu of a bow. Together the brown and green branch gives a natural rustic feeling to the present, while the white dots resemble falling snow. At it would happen the branch I found had a small red berry that picks up on the red of the twine and the shape of the stamped dots to pull everything together. If you want to skip the evergreen, a simple tied bow with twine or a gift tag would also look lovely.