DIY Thanksgiving Pie Stencil

DIY Thanksgiving Pie Stencil

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching here in Canada, so to help you prepare for a day about feasting and for saying thanks, I have designed a stencil for your pumpkin pie at the end of the meal.

DIY Thanksgiving Pie Stencilthanksgiving-pie-1

To make the give thanks and eat pie stencil download either the template to use for your Silhouette machine, or the PDF file to hand cut the pie template.

| Silhouette SVG template |

| PDF template |

The Silhouette template is designed to be used with 12×12″ cardstock paper, while the PDF is designed for standard letter sized paper. I using the PDF file you will need to print the template onto a sheet of cardstock paper and using a craft knife carefully cut out all the letters to make your stencil.


I used the Silhouette file to handle cutting my template and placed the template directly over the pie. In a small sieve I placed icing sugar.


Lightly tap the sieve over the pie until the letters in the stencil are fully filled with icing sugar. Carefully lift the stencil off the pie.


Here is the end result of the gorgeous Thanksgiving pumpkin pie with the sugar message.  Note, when decorating your pie leave adding the sugar to the last minute prior to serving so that the letters stay looking sharp.

Time for me to cut a slice of my pumpkin pie. Enjoy this super easy Thanksgiving DIY.