DIY Watercolour Cards


Greeting cards are often overpriced and a bit bland, so for the past few years I’ve taken to making all my cards as a way to not only save a bit of money but to give original cards too. For those random moments when I want to just say thank you, or celebrate perhaps a 150 monthiversary (yep, I like to celebrate the little things),  I try to have a bunch of extra pre-made cards in my office which I make in batches so that I can easily grab one and write a message when the mood strikes to celebrate anything.  For my next batch of cards I made these dip dyed watercolour stationery which I absolutely adore.



  • Small bowl
  • Watercolour paint
  • Thick white cards
  • Heavy books


To begin fill a wide bowl with water and watercolour paint so that the colour is very vibrant as it will dye a lighter shade.


To colour the card dip it into the bowl so you submerge your card into the paint. Remove the card and lay it flat to dry, and dip the card again into the paint not as a deeply as the previous time. Again remove the card, and allow it to dry. If you wish you can dip dying the card and drying to slowly create an ombre effect by each time dipping less of the card into the paint, so eventually you are only painting the very bottom.

Once you are done painting and the paint has dried, place a heavy book overtop of the card to help flatten the card. With watercolour or thicker paper it might be possible that this step isn’t needed, but it depends on the quality of paper you used and the amount of time you had the card in the paper.


Once done use a pen to write a message on the front of your card, or if like me your calligraphy skills are lacking feed your card through your printer and print a message onto the front of your card.

Grab a cute envelope, write some epic, and I mean epic message inside your card and you are ready to send that card off.

Do you love to make handmade cards? Leave a comment below with your favorite type to make.


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