DIY Wrapping Paper & Gift Tag


Get creative with your holiday wrapping by creating your own stamped wrapping paper and matching glitter snowflake gift tag.

Materials For Gift Tag

  • 1 sheet of paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • 1 sheet of white craft foam
  • 1 bottle of glitter glue in snow white, or white glue and a bottle of white glitter
  • 1 paintbrush

Materials For Wrapping Paper

  • 1 piece of kraft paper
  • 1 ink pad
  • 1 snowflake stamp


Start by hand drawing the outline of a snowflake onto a piece of paper, or printing the silhouette of a snowflake and cutting out the shape.
diy snowflakes window

Using your paper snowflake as a tracer place it onto a piece of craft foam and trace around the shape using a snowflakes

I decided to use up the entire sheet of foam, so here are my 6 cut out snowflakes.
diy snowflakes

Next I squeezed on glitter glue onto each snowflake and spread the glue over the snowflakes using a snowflakes

Here you can see the snowflakes after they have dried which took about 10 wrapping paper

Using a needle I poked a hole into each snowflake which I would later use to string through ribbon or twine to as a way to attach the snowflake tag to the wrapping paper snowflake


Cut off a piece of kraft paper large enough to wrap your present.

diy stamped wrapping paper

Proceed to stamp your design across the paper until the paper has been fully covered. Allow a few minutes for the ink to dry.

diy wrapping paper

Next the present was wrapped using the hand stamped snowflake wrapping paper and the gift tag was attached with decorative blue ribbon. Using a Sharpie marker the name of the person the gift is for was written onto the snowflake gift tag.