Dominica Travel Guide: Chasing Waterfalls

Deep in the misty mountains of Dominica, you can find an emerald pool at the base of a waterfall, and breath-taking twin waterfalls surrounded by the rainforest.

Against the advice of TLC, I decided to go on an adventure through the lush landscape of Dominica to see some waterfalls. Starting from Roseau the capital of Dominica, and the largest city I headed north-east towards Trafalgar, a small village nestled beside Morne Trois Piton, a large mountain.

Misty Morne Trois Piton

Upon arriving in Trafalgar the journey to the falls is a short climb up a series of marked paths. Some of the stairs on the path are a bit steep or slippery because of moss, but most should be able to do the hike without much difficulty.

Next, after driving back to  Roseau I began heading toward the Central Forest Reserve to walk the Emerald Pool trail which takes you through the rainforest and down to the Emerald Pool.

Getting all the way down to the pool does require climbing steep steps, but there is an easier path that you can walk to overlook the pools too.

The pool itself is rather small but there is space for a few people to swim in the refreshingly cool water that is around 5 feet deep.

After amazing days of finding 3 waterfalls, it was time to relax and browse the shops and restaurants in the city.

Happy Travels!