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Try A Unicorn Donut At Doughbaby Doughnuts

If you are looking for a delicious donut, you need to try Doughbaby Donuts in Ottawa! All the donuts are made from scratch, are nut-free and vegetarian-friendly (with plenty of vegan options available too). To get your hands on Doughbaby Donuts you find the donuts at Black Squirrel Books or you can order online.

For my ordered a cinnamon and sugar donut, chocolate raspberry, classic white donut with strawberry icing and sparkles, double chocolate, the vanilla unicorn donut, along with many of the holiday donuts! Throughout the year Doughbaby Donuts has a variety of fun seasonal flavours. Around Christmas, you can order candy cane hot chocolate, eggnog, and gingerbread donuts.

Ottawa's Best Donuts

All the donuts arrived beautifully decorated, while the texture was light and cakey. Every donut was delicious but the raspberry chocolate and candy cane donut with the bold raspberry or mint were two of my favourites.

Doughbaby Doughnuts Ottawa Donuts

Without question, the true gem was the vanilla unicorn with the multicolor pink, purple and blue icing. Inside the donut, the vanilla donut is swirled with bright blue, purple and pink which made a delightful surprise. Kids and adults alike will adore this fun unicorn themed dessert.

Doughbaby Doughnuts Ottawa Donuts
Doughbaby Doughnuts Ottawa Donuts

Curious to try  Doughbaby Doughnuts unicorn donut for yourself? Go pick up one at Black Squirrel Books and Espresso Bar.